EMC coating

EMC coating

EMC Gaskets

standard versions of EMC gaskets

custoimized versions of EMC gaskets

DIEMVD-Sub09EMC-Sealing gaskets for Sub D-clip 9-pole, not self-adhesive0,70 mm/ 0,03 inch
DIEMVD-Sub15EMC-Sealing gaskets for Sub D-clip 15-pole, not self-adhesive0,70 mm/ 0,03 inch
DIEMVD-Sub25EMC-Sealing gaskets for Sub D-clip 25-pole, not self-adhesive0,70 mm/ 0,03 inch
DIEMVD-Sub37EMC-Sealing gaskets for Sub D-clip 37-pole, not self-adhesive0,70 mm/ 0,03 inch
DIEMVD-Sub50EMC-Sealing gaskets for Sub D-clip 50-pole, not self-adhesive0,70 mm/ 0,03 inch

Material and approvals of the foam material

Article number6999.0095
Base materialPolyolefin foam, Cu+Ni plated, 1000x1000mm, thickness: 0,70 mm
ColourGrey mat
Properties Test conditions Value Unit tol.
Tensile strength F18,4Ntyp.
Shielding effectivenessKEC100MHz86dBtyp.
Shielding effectivenessKEC1GHz65dBtyp.
Surface resistanceASTM D257DCR0,1Ωmax.
Resistance DCR0,02Ω/mm²max.
Test conditions
Humidity: 33%
Temperature: +20°C

General specifications of the foam material

Storage temperature-25°C to +85°C
Operating temperature -25°C to +85°C

We manufacture standard and customised variants

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