EMC coating

EMC coating

EMC attenuation of aluminum enclosures

Due to their material aluminum enclosures already offer good properties regarding the EMC attenuation.
The joints (tongue-and-groove), however, should be equipped
with correspondent conductive gaskets to achieve a better EMC attenuation. Hereby the coating layers must be bridged.

This can be made by corresponding conductive layers or by removing the coatings. The required efforts are clarified and determined in accordance with the customer and application requirements.

Attenuation of aluminum profiles and aluminum plates

By means of chromate conversion coating, in contrast to anodizing/painting, a well-conducting surface can be created,
which can be compared with the original conductivity of aluminum. In contrast to the anodized layer, the chromated,
purely technical surface, however, is more delicate.

It's possible to chromate aluminum plates so that a less delicate anodized layer is given for the operator's side.

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