Projects with EMC coating

Mobile enclosure systems W-500

  • Case from the Serie W-500
  • EMC-coated inside

19" plastic control cabinet

19" Schaltschrankgehäuse aus Kunststoff
  • material: ABS UL94-Vo
  • color: black
  • inside EMC coated

Plastic enclosure with conductive silver lacquer

EMV-Gehäuse, Silberleitlack
  • enclosure consisting of top and bottom part
  • inside EMC coated with conductive silver lacquer

Electrically conductive coated plastic cover for electronics housing:

EMV-und ESD Beschichtung
  • insides selectively electronically conductive coated

EMC coated plastic cover for radiation gauge:

EMV- und ESD Beschichtung
  • masked
  • back side copper coated

Copper coated front plates, EMC-coating for control device:

Frontplatte mit Kupferbeschichtung, EMV-Beschichtung
  • masked
  • back side copper coated

Plastic parts selectively copper coated:

Kunststoffteile selektiv kupferbeschichtet
  • plastic parts Kd.18425
  • selectively copper coated

Plastic parts made of PU foam, selectively copper coated:

Kunststoffteile aus PU-Schaum, Bild 1
Kunststoffteile aus PU-Schaum, Bild 2

GH02KS046 EMC version (inside copper coated):

innenseitige Kupferbeschichtung

Customized enclosure GH02KS005:

Gehäuse, kundenspezifisch bearbeitet
  • GH02KS005
  • incl. mechanical processing
  • incl. screen (anti-reflective)
  • insides copper coated (EMI shielding)
  • incl. foil keyboard
kundenspezifisch bearbeitetes Gehäuse

19” enclosure made of black ABS UL94-VO:

19" Gehäuse aus schwarzem ABS UL944-VO

enclosure 19” - HE1 made of ABS UL94-VO

  • insides EMC coated
  • incl. mechanical processing:
    - front plate: holes and openings according to drawings, uni-colored printed in white
    - back plate: holes and openings according to drawings, uni-colored printed in white
19" Gehäuse aus schwarzem ABS UL94-VO
Innenseite EMV-Beschichtet

Plastic enclosure GH02KS003-100, inside copper coated:

Innenseite kupferbeschichtet, GH02KS003-100

Enclosure GH02KS037/070S001 165x125x75mm (6.5x4.92x2.95 inch), EMC coating:

Gehäuse GH02KS037 mit EMV-Beschichtung
  • GH02KS037/070S001
  • EMC version: insides copper coated
  • protection IP65 according to KDI00013
  • incl. mounting plate made of aluminum
  • incl. mechanical processing of the bottom part of the enclosure
  • incl. electrically conductive gaskets (enclosed, loose)

Enclosure GH02KS070/010 with customized two-colored painting, EMC version:

Gehäuse GH02KS070, kundenspezifisch
  • GH02KS070/010
  • incl. mechanical processing
  • incl. screen beneath continuous display sheet
  • incl. foil keyboard in the operation control panel
  • incl. display sheet
  • EMC version (copper coating)

Electronics cover made of plastic:

Messgeräte selektiv kupferbeschichtet
  • enclosure for measurement device Kd. 15052
  • inside selectively copper coated

Elektronikabdeckung aus Kunststoff, EMV-Beschichtung
  • insides copper coated
  • outsides painted blue
  • printed

Kunststoffgehäuse selektiv kupferbeschichtet, EMV-Beschichtung
  • plastic enclosure, selective
  • copper coated, EMC coating

Kunststoffgehäuse, innen EMV-kupferbeschichtet
  • plastic socketing enclosure, inside EMC-copper-coated
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