EMC coatings

EMC coated enclosure

EMC coatings are used especially for electronic equipment (computer with periphery, medical and technical devices, measurement and control
technology etc.).

The Electromagnetic Compatibility Act (EMVG), published on 1. March 2008, regulates the placing on the market, circulation, showing, commissioning and operation of equipment and systems, generating electromagnetic disturbances or beeing affected by such disturbances. In this way, a common legal framework for an agreeable coexistence of the growing variety of electrical equipment is created. As a result, its manufacturers are obliged to ensure and to prove the EMC-compliant installation or the equipment of its devices. Among other things, a proof for this is the CE marking in all EU member states.

Untreated plastic enclosures provide only little or no protection at all against EMI (electromagnetic interference) and ESD (electrostatic discharge).

By applying conductive coatings, a complete electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) can be achieved. These effect an attenuation of shielding to protect the electronics of disturbances created by the environment or a shielding of the emissions into the environment made by electronics and thereby its direct influence on it. So you do not have to do without the advantages of a plastic enclosure, e.g. design options for a beautiful shape, a substantial price advantage or low weight.

EMC coatings usually are low-ohm, electrically conductive and differ so from high-ohm ESD coatings.


For shielding we offer different forms of metallizations, which are applied from the inside or from the outside by painting, galvanization or by steaming.

The applicable procedures and products can be based on copper, nickel, graphite or silver. Peferably an UL-listed EMC conductive lacquer, having very good dampening properties and ensuring a high electromagnetic absorption across a wide frequency range, is applied.

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